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AP News

He once swore off politics. Now, this Georgia activist is trying to recruit people who seldom vote

This clip highlights the New Georgia Project’s work to develop young leaders and engage rightfully cynical voters.

The Hill

Want Black votes? Offer Black voters true empowerment.

This is an Op-Ed that ran in The Hill authored by DPI senior advisor Katrina Gamble and Terrance Woodbury from HIT Strategies on the research they have been leading to understand the values and political identities that drive Black voting and civic engagement.

Roland Martin Unfiltered

DPI Analyst Miriam McKinney Gray on Roland Martin

DPI Analyst Miriam McKinney Gray was on Roland Martin discussing her research on the millions of Black and Latino voters who are missing or mislisted in the voter file. Miriam’s segment begins around the 53-minute mark.

NY Times

As Black Voters Drift to Trump, Biden’s Allies Say They Have Work to Do

Angela Lang, the executive director of Black Leaders Organizing for Communities (BLOC) quoted in NY Times.

USA Today

Black voters showed their power in 2023 elections. Here’s why they could pick the president in 2024

Co-Executive Director of Ohio Organizing Collaborative, Prentiss Haney, quoted in a USA Today article.

The New Republic

The City That Just Might Decide the 2024 Election

Angela Lang, Executive Director of Black Leaders Organizing for Communities (BLOC) quoted in The New Republic


Here’s How Black Voters in Ohio Became The Driving Force For Abortion Rights and Marijuana Legalization

Prentiss J. Haney, Co-Executive Director of the Ohio Organizing Collaborative, talks to Ali Jackson Jolley, Assistant Managing Director at Forbes, about about how cluster voting analysis helped to drive wins for abortion rights and marijuana legalization.


Organizers in Ohio work to engage ‘rightfully cynical’ Black voters

Prentiss Haney, Co-Executive Director of the Ohio Organizing Collaborative, featured on NPR’s Here and Now podcast, discusses the impact of Black voters in the November 2023 special election in Ohio.


These Black voters could determine Biden’s fate in a pivotal swing state

Angela Lang, Executive Director of BLOC, interviewed by John King in CNN


Churches step in after Florida restricts how Black history can be taught

Faith In Florida is highlighted in NPR for creating a Black history toolkit for churches.

Crains Detroit

Branden Snyder wants young people to get into politics

Growing up on the city's east side, Branden Snyder, executive director of the nonprofit advocacy group and community organizer Detroit Action, didn't have much exposure to people outside his circle until he got to the University of Michigan.

The Grio

Black people are being erased from democracy. Here’s a way to fight back and win.

Millions of Black and Latino voters are missing or not listed correctly in voter databases. But organizing friends and families allows us to target voters that traditional campaigns and candidates ignore.

The Hill

Black and Latino voters are being erased from databases

According to my estimates of U.S. Census data and information revealed in a recent Stanford study, 24.76 million Black and Latino people are missing or listed with incorrect information in the voter databases sold by vendors, making them unreachable. While 40 percent of Black and Latino people are essentially invisible, only 18 percent of white people are missing or mislisted, according to the study.

Washington Post

The ‘Minnesota Miracle’ should serve as a model for Democrats

You could be forgiven for imagining that state legislatures around the country are lurching rightward, thanks to the media spotlight given to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s culture warring in his state. Other deep-red states are not far behind. In Washington, President Biden was rightly seen as a net winner in the debt ceiling battle. But with the GOP in control of the House, it was largely a defensive triumph.


Building the Movement to Expand Voting Rights

On Op-Ed in Newsweek from organizers from OLE and ISAIAH on strategies for effective civic engagement outreach to formerly incarcerated people.

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