About Us

The Democracy & Power
Innovation Fund

The DPI research and innovation program focuses on strengthening organizing and narrative strategies and understanding and measuring the power that organizations are building to achieve policy, electoral, and ideological impact.

‍At the DPI Fund, all of our work is rooted in community. We develop our strategies and research projects collectively, with leadership from our state organizing partners. We learn from each other and share our learnings with the broadly progressive civic engagement sector.

Organizing Partners

At the heart of the DPI community are base-building organizing groups who are experts in strategy and practice at the intersection of organizing, civic engagement, and power. DPI organizing partners continue to show us what is possible when we invest in developing practice-based evidence and learning and recognize our organizers as key strategists and innovators.

Research Partners

DPI Research partners use collaborative research methods to support learning related to organizing, narrative strategy, and democracy reform.

Sandhya Anantharaman
Kairos Fellowship
Hannah Furstenberg Beckman
The Bernard and Anne Spitzer Charitable Trust
Ray Block
Penn State University
Katrina Gamble
Sojourn Strategies
Destiney Golden
Sojourn Strategies
Miriam Mckinney Gray
DPI Fund
Hahrie Han
P3 Labs at Johns Hopkins
Christian Hosam
University of California Berkeley
Tianyi Hu
DPI Fund
Drisana Hughes
Harvard Kennedy School
Bridgett King
Auburn University
Elizabeth McKenna
Harvard Kennedy School
Mohammed Memfis
DPI Fund
Alicia Myles
University of California Berkeley
Davin Phoenix
University of California, Irvine
Hannah Walker
University of Texas Austin
Tova Wang
Harvard Kennedy School
Ariel White
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bethany Wood
Terrance Woodbury
HIT Strategies
Miya Woolfalk
Analyst Institute

Funding Partners

These DPI Funders have supported organizers as leaders and strategists, critically evaluated their metrics of measuring success, and supported learning, innovation, and impact. They are moving this community and the paradigm shift we are all working to achieve possible.

Managing Director

Julie Fernandes
Managing Director of the DPI Fund
Associate Director | Rockefeller Family Fund

advisory committee

The DPI Advisory Committee is made up of critical stakeholders that provide regular input and advice to steer the work of the project.
Joy Cushman
Senior Strategic Advisor
Democracy & Power Innovation Fund
Katrina Gamble
Founder and CEO
Sojourn Strategies
Alejandra Gomez
Executive Director
Prentiss Haney
Former Co-ED
Ohio Organizing Collaborative
Bonnie Kwon
Policy Officer
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Elizabeth McKenna
Assistant Professor of Public Policy
Harvard Kennedy School
Kelly Nowlin
Philanthropic Advisor
Fresh Sound Foundation
Doran Schrantz
Executive Director

Join us to explore more research and innovation projects housed in the DPI Research Library.