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Christopher Mann

Wellspring Philanthropic Fund

Christopher Mann, PhD is a Senior Research Officer with Wellspring Philanthropic Fund. Previously, he was a professor at Skidmore College, LSU and the University of Miami. He was the Director of the Academy of Applied Politics at the Manship School of Mass Communication at Louisiana State University. Chris’ research on voter mobilization, voting reform, and election administration has been published in leading peer-reviewed academic journals. Prior to his academic career, Chris led civic and political organizations in Colorado, New Mexico, and Illinois. Outside of civic engagement and politics, he founded Geography of Hope, a scholarship program for teens from low-income families to participate in summer outdoor education programs.

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Christopher Mann

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Oct 4, 2023
What Does Power Look Like? Indicators of Power Impact and Influence

This workshop will share learnings on how to use social media and other tools to identify external indicators of influence and stronger power relationships.

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