October 1, 2020
DPI Organizing Lab
Community Change Action Relational Action-Taking Test Preliminary Implementation
In 2020, Community Change Action (CCA) partnered with Analyst Institute to build on the efforts of ​past research on relational voter turnout​ and explore the value of leveraging relational contact to build longer-term organizing capacity.
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Keira Stearns, Cory Rand, Analyst Institute, Kristee Paschall, Community Change Action

A focus beyond electoral outcomes highlights how relational organizing programs can be used as a part of year-round community organizing efforts to increase engagement and build sustainable power.

Specifically, this test explores whether relational contact is more effective than cold outreach in encouraging individuals to sign a petition, opt in to receive more information from the sponsoring organization, and sign up to attend an online organizing event. The sequence of these actions was designed to understand how relational contact can be leveraged to encourage a volunteer’s friends and family to build a closer relationship with an organization. In addition to CCA, eight other organizations supported by CCA also participated in the test: CASA in Action, Michigan Liberation, Michigan People’s Campaign, Mothering Justice, Moses Action,New Jersey Organizing Project, OLÉ, and Plan Action.

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