October 23, 2021
DPI Convening
DPI Convening Summary and Recording Links
2021 DPI Convening session summaries and recordings.
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2021 DPI Convening session summaries and recordings.

Day 1:

  • Measuring What Matters in the Fight for Our Democracy
  • Finding Missing Voters: Busting the Myth of “If it isn’t in the VAN, it doesn’t exist.”
  • The Power of Political Homes
  • Disrupting Assumptions About Black Political Engagement
  • How to Understand Diverse Values and Political Identities in Communities of Color
  • How Art and Culture Move Political Narratives
  • “She Said What?” Organizing in the Age of Disinformation

Day 2:

  • Volatility, Despair and Hope: A Path to Multiracial Power in the Midwest
  • Mapping the Path to Multiracial Power in Your Region
  • Organizing to Change the Rules: How to Move Local Election Officials
  • Engaging Returning Citizens Beyond the Election Cycle
  • From Protest to Participation: On the Frontlines of Youth Civic Engagement
  • Organizing and Operatives: Building the Political Culture Shift We Need to Win Real Change
  • Operationalizing Our Influence Agenda

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