July 10, 2024
Understanding & Measuring Power
It Takes Ten Years: The Organizational Sources of State-Level Political Power
Harvard Kennedy School

This is a comparative case study expanding and replicating some of the research methods innovated by Hahrie Han, Elizabeth McKenna and Michelle Oyakawa in their book Prisms of the People. These methods make visible how base-building power in communities impacts elite power and decision-making networks, public narrative, and long-term policy agendas. The study focuses on corporate, legislative and political organizing efforts in Michigan and Georgia.

Related Research

September 5, 2023
Power Metrics: Measuring What Matters to Build a Multiracial Democracy
This report outlines a framework developed by groups in the DPI Organizing Lab to identify and measure strategies that wield power using the data organizations collect and analyze in their day-to-day work.
May 31, 2021
An Approach to Understanding and Measuring People Power
While our movement includes thousands of paid organizers, they are often flying blind on the core work they do - connecting with constituents and developing leaders, building relationships, and crafting strategies that can win change–because our current tools and technology do little to support them in those efforts.