February 1, 2020
Narrative and Identity
Disrupting weaponized political racism, empowering a multiracial movement in MO
This report summarizes Phase 1 outputs, research findings, and how MOVE's listening-focused deep canvassing conversations inform upcoming "Transformative Conversations" rooted in race-forward messaging that can advance a multiracial movement.
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The Missouri Organizing and Voter Engagement Collaborative (MOVE) and Missouri Organizing and Voter Engagement Action (MOVE Action) are committed to organizing and strategic communications in 2020 that can win on critical justice issues (including a proactive ballot initiative to expand Medicaid and a defense fight to prevent an extreme redistricting amendment) and confront racialized opposition attacks that have historic appeal in the Missouri electorate. We also seek to develop narrative that deeply invests in and empowers traditionally marginalized voters in our electorate, with a focus on Black voters and poor voters. Our commitment to this race-forward narrative strategy builds upon the significant listening work of our member organizations this summer in 4,000 “deep canvassing” conversations with poor and working class Missouri voters in urban and rural parts of the state. These “Transformative Conversations,” a c3 MOVE program, identified common struggles while offering insight into how Missourians think about race. This rich qualitative data now deeply informs our emerging strategies. The following report summarizes Phase I outputs, research findings, and how this program informs upcoming Transformative Conversations rooted in race-forward messaging that can win 2020 campaigns and advance a Missouri multiracial movement.

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