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Ranada Robinson

Research Director
The New Georgia Project

Ranada Robinson is the Research Director at the New Georgia Project and the New Georgia Project Action Fund. Ranada is responsible for designing and moving forward NGP and NGPA’s mission-driven research agenda and transforming research findings into strategic insights that inform the organization’s strategic efforts. Ranada’s overarching goal for everything she does is making historically disadvantaged communities better for future generations. Before joining New Georgia Project, Ranada was Senior Project Manager at Market Street Services, a holistic economic development strategic planning firm that has worked in 35 states and over 150 communities, where she worked for over 12 years. Ranada holds a Master of Science in Urban Policy Studies with specializations in policy analysis and economic development and planning and a Master of Science in Risk Management and Insurance from Georgia State University. Ranada is also a graduate of Tougaloo College, where she earned bachelor's degrees in mathematics and computer science.

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Ranada Robinson

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2022 Midterm Election Debrief
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Past Speaking Events
Oct 4, 2023
Show Me the Power: Mapping Power Networks and Landscapes

Join Joy Cushman to walk through the power network and landscape analyses she and Liz McKenna designed with Organizing Lab groups to help them see how power is operating in their state. In this session, we will demonstrate how organizations can replicate this analysis and discuss the questions that such an analysis can help surface to strengthen an organization’s strategic capacity.

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Jul 21, 2022
Concurrent Sessions
Building Political Agency: The Latest from Our Narrative Research

DPI has prioritized understanding narrative frameworks that connect uniquely with Black, Latinx and AAPI communities through research shaped by and for organizers. In this session, we shared what we learned about narratives that can be used to craft effective organizing content that can be applied in multiple contexts including digital content.

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Oct 21, 2021
Welcome Back
Disrupting Assumptions about Black Political Engagement

For too long BIPOC communities have been treated by the political industry as monolithic collectives to be mobilized to outcomes defined by someone else’s goals. At DPI we believe that the most powerful way to increase political participation and civic action is not through tactical, transactional interventions but through support of and deference to base-building organizations. These grassroots groups deeply understand each constituency’s narratives and beliefs about politics and power and can build actual collective power to win change for the long term. This conversation will share how the DPI community is building a more nuanced understanding of the Black community and their orientation towards power and politics through strategic partnerships between organizations and culturally grounded researchers. Through thoughtful research informed by organizers, we’re disrupting political assumptions about Black voters as cynical and uninformed and learning about how to support and sustain Black political engagement for the long term.

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No Moderator Events Available.

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